Learning to drive with dad

Learning to drive is one part of my life I wish I could do over. It all started when one of my classmates started to brag about driving to school. I made it my goal to do the same. I couldn’t wait till I was 18, but my parents were afraid to let me get behind the wheel without any lessons first. My parents did take me out a few times to give me pointers and it was nerve-wracking for them as it was for me. My mom held on to roof handle as I went on the highway the first time. My dad grabbed onto the emergency brake as I was making a left turn onto a small road the first time. While taking driving lessons did help, it definitely wasn’t enough for me to drive alone yet. But my parents believed in me and handed over the keys. Being young and reckless, I was unwilling to heed to my parent’s advice of driving slowly. As a result I did end up in several accidents. At times I wasn’t sure my parents were going to let me get behind the wheel again but they continued their encouragement and I am forever grateful. Without their support I don’t think I would have the same level of confidence and might have stopped driving all together.

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